Power Electronics

Embedded Hardware incl. HMIs

EMI aware PCB Design

Measurement Equipment and Systems

Automated Hardware Test Equipment

RTCA DO-254 / DO-160 compliant Design and Development

Embedded Software in C / C++ incl. Graphical User Interfaces and Touch Screens

Automated Test Software in C / C++

RTCA DO-178C compliant Design and Development

Currently supported microcontrollers incl. but are not limited to:

  • ST STM32 Cortex® M
  • Hercules TMS570 ARM® Cortex®-R
  • NXP LPC Cortex® M
  • ATMEL® AVR® microcontrollers

Heating Concepts air and fluid based

Cooling Concepts using vapor cylce or solid state technology

Optimized Airflows

3D Printing


Functional Prototypes

Demonstrator Units